Ultimate RV Brand Guide

At Four Corners RV, we proudly supply our customers with new and used RVs that are truly built for life in the Four Corners - Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. We work closely with some of North America’s most dependable brands, bringing lightweight, versatile and top-quality RVs to the Durango community. Check out our ultimate brand guide to get a sense of what each RV brand has to offer, and to view our current inventory!

safari confo

Safari Condo

This award-winning RV company focuses on manufacturing durable, compact and functional travel trailers and Class B motorhomes (camping vans). Each unit is ergonomically designed to maximize living quarters and storage space in a lightweight package.


alto rv


Alto trailers are easily identified by the unique dome shape, which makes them incredibly aerodynamic. Paired with a lightweight aluminum frame, these trailers can be towed by vehicles with a smaller engine, adding to their versatility. Inside, you’ll find every on-the-road comfort you could ever need!


sunset park

Sunset Park

Sunset Park specializes in designing ultra-compact and functional trailers, with most units featuring a retro “teardrop” shape. Popular models among our Durango customers include Sunray Travel Trailers and Sun-Lite Travel Trailers, both of which offer the mobility and versatility that folks from the Four Corners are looking for.


RKS Off-Road Trailers

RKS Off-Road Trailers

RKS off-road trailers are small but mighty, offering everything you need for off-the-grid adventures, including full bathroom amenities, comfortable sleeping quarters, a fully functional kitchen, a gorgeous sky-deck that can support 1000-lbs, advanced connectivity and tech, innovative water storage solutions, and more!


Palomino Truck Campers

Palomino Truck Campers

These hard and soft-side truck campers are designed to fit a wide range of truck types and sizes, and come complete with all of the features you would typically find in full-size RVs. With their incredibly mobile design, these “backpack” truck campers offer incredible get-up-and-go freedom for adventurous campers.


Black Series Trailers

These Black Series trailers and campers are for the record books! Designed for living the camping life off-road, Black Series RVs not only look cool, but act tough. Find your next outdoor adventure with the help of a Black Series RV today!


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