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Highlights F2414

-Green interior 

  • Two single beds convert into a 80″ × 81″ king-size bed that can be permanently open
  • Front dining area for four can be converted into a 60″ × 81″ queen-sized bed
  • Front dining area available even when the back bed is set up
  • Possibility of two different four-seat dining areas, including one outdoors
  • Kitchen with large counter and generous drawers
  • Enclosed toilet (WC) with corner washbasin
  • Spacious shower separate from WC
  • Lithium Batteries 


The walls and roof are a sandwich-structured composite of a honeycomb core, laminated with an aluminium skin on one side and Alufiber on the other. Alufiber combines the lightweight properties of aluminium with the resistance of fiberglass. The Alto is built exclusively from materials that are water resistant, such as aluminium, Alufiber, plastic, Formica and glass.


On the road: With its Flexiride independent suspension system and low centre of gravity, the Alto is very stable. Its aluminium frame is made without any welding, and it supports streamlined holding tanks designed to optimize the caravan’s aerodynamics. Equipped with the electric brakes standard to this series.



Safari Condo Alto F2414

$67,999.00 Regular Price
$59,999.00Sale Price
  • 23.8714

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