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  • Two single beds convert into a 80″ X 81″ King size bed, which can be permanently set up
  • Four-seater front dining area converts to 60″ X 81″ Queen bed
  • Front dining area available even while main bed is set-up
  • Possibility of 2 distinct four-seater dining areas, one of them outside
  • Fixed flush toilet with black water tank
  • Fully enclosed interior shower/toilet cabinet for privacy
  • Wardrobe
  • Lithium self-heated batteries 


Ultra light, the Alto is entirely constructed from composite materials and aluminium.

The walls and roof are a sandwich construction of a honeycomb core laminated with an aluminium skin on one side and Alufiber skin on the other. Alufiber combines the light weight properties of aluminium with the resistance of fiberglass. The Alto is built exclusively from materials that are water resistant such as aluminium, Alufiber, plastic, Formica and glass.


On the road: With its Flexiride independent suspension system and its very low centre of gravity the Alto is very stable. Its aluminium frame is constructed without any welding, and it supports stream-lined holding tanks designed to optimize aerodynamics. Equipped standard with electric brakes.


None in stock base price posted.... order what you want! 2026 models ready in 2025!

Ready set go! 


2026 Safari Condo Alto F2114

    • Electric brakes
    • Galvanized steel axle with Flexiride independent suspension
    • 15″ aluminium wheels with radial tires
    • Two single beds convert into a 80″ X 81″ King size bed, which can be permanently set up
    • 60″ X 81″ front Queen bed
    • Two-burner LPG flush mount stove
    • 2 LPG tanks with gauge and automatic change dual tank regulator
    • Propane and CO detectors
    • Smoke detector
    • Sliding front table, that can be attached outside
    • Ultra-quiet combined space and water heater Combi Eco Plus. German design. Works on LPG and electric.
    • Cabinet with sliding shelves
    • Wardrobe
    • Built-in 6 ft³ 3-way fridge LPG, 120 V and 12 V
    • Auxiliary battery (1)
    • 30 A 120 V electrical inlet
    • Converter with 3 step charger 45 A
    • LED lighting
    • Rear reading lights
    • Exterior light
    • Exterior track for table attachment
    • Grab handle by door
    • Three interior duplex ground fault protected 120 V outlets
    • One exterior duplex ground fault protected 120 V outlet
    • Two interior auxiliary-battery-powered 12 V outlet (car lighter type)
    • Fresh water inlet
    • 12 V water pump
    • 100 L fresh water tank
    • 92 L grey water tank
    • 54 L black water tank
    • Voltage indicator and Probeless tank level indicator
    • Fixed flush toilet
    • Spacious shower/toilet cabinet
    • Interior shower
    • Exterior shower outlet
    • Toilet wash down spay
    • Sliding step
    • Variable speed roof vent
    • European door sliding screen
    • European built-in combination blind-screen system
    • Rock guard
    • 4 exterior access panels for storage
    • Spare wheel
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Vehicle certified to the CSA Z240 RV series standards by QAI Laboratories
    • 2-Year Warranty, on the portion of the vehicle manufactured by Safari Condo
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